Gagliardo Shoe Repair


We offer the most extensive shoe and foot care selection of products in the area!

Shoe and Leather Goods Products: 

  • Tingley Rain Overshoes
  • Shoe and Boot Laces (dress, waxed, casual, athletic, Kevlar, work/boot)
  • Moccasin/Sperry Topsider Boat Laces
  • Baseball Glove Laces 
  • Shoe Horns (four lengths) 
  • Lincoln Shoe Polish
  • Meltonian Shoe Cream
  • Edge Dressing (for shoe shines) 
  • Black Rock Leather Conditioner
  • Neatsfoot Oil
  • Mink Oil
  • Sno Seal
  • Cadillac and Pecard Waterproofing Products
  • Saddle Soap 
  • Exotic/Reptile Cleaner/Conditioner
  • Shoe Stretch
  • Cedar Shoe Trees
  • Shoe Shine Kits (great stocking stuffer!)
  • Suede/Ugg Care Kits
  • Foamtex Leather/Shoe Cleaner
  • Tacco Leather Insoles
  • Barge Cement Adhesive
  • Shoe Goo 
  • And more!


Doctor Recommended Footcare Products:

  • Spenco Insoles/Arch Othotics 
  • Tacco Footcare Support/Arches
  • Heel Grips
  • Gel Support for heels, ball of foot 
  • Adjust-a-Lift Heel lifts/support
  • Pedifix Foot Care products 
    • Bunion and hammer toe support, toe spacers, etc. 
  • And more!
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