Monday - Friday, 11AM - 6PM​​​​

810 Highland Ave, St Joseph

(off of Niles Ave, behind 

Dunkin Donuts)


We provide curbside pick-up and drop-off, and will come out to your vehicle when you arrive at the shop!



The Gagliardo family has been serving Berrien County's shoe and leather repair needs for generations.  Cassandra Lopez apprenticed with Michael Gagliardo before he retired, took over ownership and remodeled the shop in October 2011.  She has carried on the tradition of using only the best Italian leather and Vibram products, and combines old world techniques with new materials and solutions. 

To provide you with the best service, please bring your item(s) to the shop so that we may give you the most accurate quote on both pricing and timing.  Note that we require payment at drop off in order to proceed with repair, and for your convenience, we accept Mastercard, Visa, cash, or check.


We offer the most extensive shoe, leather, and foot care selection of products in the area, including:

  • Tingley Rain Overshoes
  • Shoe, Boot, and Glove Laces
  • Shoe Creams and Polishes
  • Mink/Neatsfoot Oil, Conditioners
  • Reptile, Leather Cleaners
  • Cedar Shoe Trees, Shoe Horns
  • Waterproofing, Sno Seal 
  • Doctor Approved Spenco Inserts and PediFix footcare 

Men's Dress Shoes: We carry a line of repairable, quality men's dress shoes from Tauer & Johnson, as well as a wide variety of foot care and shoe care products to keep your feet and shoes/leather items looking and feeling great!


Shoe repair adds value to your footwear investment, while also protecting your feet and contributing to a positive reflection of your overall appearance. We are more than just shoes!  We offer a wide range of repair services including:

  • Belts, Purses, Jackets
  • Horse/Golf/Hockey Equipment
  • Baseball Gloves, Backpacks
  • Authorized Birkenstock repairs
  • Motorcycle Patches
  • Recondition and Dye Leather

Other services include shoe shines, water proofing, stretching, velcro, heels and soles, plates and protective oversoles.   


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